Educational Family Programs

Learn German with Your Whole Family

If you would like to improve your German language skills and spend your holidays in Germany with the whole family, than our language programs for  families are the ideal choice for you! The parents can attend the German course in the adult groups and the children in our summer camp programs. As an alternative would be possible to arrange an individual or mini-group course for the whole family. The main thing allfamily members are more or less on the same German level. In the afternoon, it is for parents to decide whether they spend time with their children or to have some time for them. 

As a rule the family programs can be organized in summer, when we usually offer summer camps for teens (Mainz, Munich, Berlin). There is a possibility in the summer to accommodate the children in the residence (by booking the summer camps) and the parents can be accommodated separately attending the German courses for adults or the family can live together in the summer youth residences.

Cultural Program

By organizing the cultural program for the whole family, we try to arrange it to be interesting for each family member. You can even let us know about your hobbies, so that we can do you a favor. We will tailor the German language program to match your needs and budget. The programs can be organized in different cities all the year.

Price Information

As this program can be year-round flexibly designed and possible in each city we offer, the prices are on request. It depends on many things as: city and school, accommodation type, German course type and quantity of lessons, activity or cultural programs and others. Please contact us for an individual offer for your family.